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Personalized Face Masks (3-ply) - Great for Customer Giveaways - 4 MASKS SAMPLE PACK

Do you want to see and try on our 3 ply branded masks with your own logo on it before making a big purchase?

By popular demand, Hygienico is now offering a 4 pack mask sample with your own practice logo on it. It will be the exact same masks that are in our bulk orders.

This contains samples of our two types of 3 ply masks.

The only difference between the two 3 ply masks is the outside layer. One has a 100% cotton outside layer and the other is a 65% cotton/35% polyester blend. The 100% cotton mask is thicker while the 65% cotton blend mask is thinner.

Only an adult-sized black color mask is available for this sample pack: 2 black 100% cotton and 2 black cotton blend.

*Lead time for masks is about 21 days from the time the proof is approved. As these are customized items, they are not refundable once the proof has been approved. While we do not expect any quality issues, if there are any, we will always work with you to resolve them and to ensure you're satisfied.



Looking for a customer giveaway that will help promote your business? Forget about those tumblers and pens. How visible are those items? Most of them end up in a cabinet or desk drawer never to see the light of day again.

With our personalized face masks, your brand will be displayed out in public. People wear masks when they go outside, in restaurants, and offices so why not promote your business? You cannot miss seeing a mask on someone's face and this means instant walking advertising for your business! It will be an item they will use again and again wherever they go.

Great for:

  • Restaurants
  • Clubs and gyms
  • Retail and service businesses
  • Medical/dental offices and other healthcare offices.
  • Any business that wants an easy, cost-effective way to promote your brand

These masks are super comfortable and have 3 layers - an outer spandex blend (for water resistance), an anti-bacterial fabric, and an inner cotton layer.

The ear loops on these masks are elastic which are more versatile and as a result, the masks can fit a wider range of face sizes with a snug fit.




Care instructions: Wash on cold/delicate cycle and air dry or delicate cycle dry.


 *A proof will be emailed to you for approval before it is sent to production.*


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