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Dentissa Intellibrush

Groundbreaking Brushing Technology, Innovative Design

 Introducing the Intellibrush electric toothbrush, the very latest in brushing technology.

Featuring a number of innovations that provide you with a clinical-level clean, your dental care has never been more advanced, comprehensive or intuitive. With five separate brushing modes and an array of one-touch controls at your fingertips, the Intellibrush allows a focused approach to your specific dental care needs, including whitening, brightening, gum care and sensitive teeth. Additional specifications of the Intellibrush are equally impressive, including:

  • 35,000 brushstrokes per minute
  • 32 clusters of antibacterial, 0.152mm-diameter, diamond-shaped bristles
  • Up to one-month battery life
  • Wireless charger

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