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Teeth Whitening Strips (10% HP)

The Dentissa Whitening Strips are back! 

Our packaging has changed to a more economical one and we've passed the savings on to our customers!

It has the same no-slip formulation with an even more powerful whitening concentration. This means whiter teeth faster!

Many teeth whitening strips on the market today boast powerful results in less time. But after a week or two of fumbling around with slimy, uncomfortable strips, you’re left looking at a smile that hardly appears any whiter at all.

Well, no more. Radiant Smile teeth whitening strips deliver where all others fail, and the proof is right on the box: Our professional strength strips contain 10% hydrogen peroxide.

And with Radiant Smile dry strips technology, your teeth-whitening experience is much more pleasurable. Providing better adhesion without the slippery, goopy mess, teeth whitening will no longer be the chore you’re used to.

Not only do Radiant Smile teeth whitening strips have more of the active ingredient you need to achieve your whitest, brightest smile, but they also come in a full two-week supply. This combination of power and quantity gives you the most potent, cost-effective option for your teeth-whitening needs.

  • Higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide for better results in less time
  • Dry Technology for a no-mess, no-slip experience
  • Full two-week supply in every box

Order your two-week supply of powerful, no-mess Radiant Smile teeth whitening strips today!

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