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Car Air Purifier

The average American drives over 13k miles each year. Keep your car's environment healthy and fresh with Hygienico's Car Air Purifier.

  • 5-STAGE FILTRATION: Activated Carbon Prefilter, HEPA Filter, Photocatalyst Filter, UV Light, and Ionizer work together to rapidly clean the air of harmful pollutants.
  • POWERFUL PURIFIER: HEPA Filter traps particles as small as 0.3 microns. Eliminates smoke, smog, dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, formaldehyde and other harmful particles and pollutants.
  • ODOR ELIMINATOR: Activated Carbon Prefilter eliminates bad odors and freshens air.
  • UV + IONIZER: Kills airborne germs and viruses. UV + Photocatalyst Filter help to break down and destroy poisonous fumes and VOCs like formaldehyde and ammonia as well as kills germs, mold, and fungus spores.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: Aromatherapy diffuser function allows you to add essential oils or other fragrance.

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